Forms (Poomsae)

A Form is a defined pattern of defense-and-attach motions. Kukkiwon has described Poomsae as such, “Taekwondo Poomsae is the style of conduct which expresses directly of indirectly mental and physical refinements as well as the principles of offense and defense resulting from cultivation of Taekwondo spirit and techniques.”

Master Houman has specialized in these forms and has competed for many years. His way of teaching is very unique and easy to learn. Both kids and adults learn the exact same forms as is required by World Taekwondo. However; we teach them differently to each age group.


Sparring (Kyorugi)

While Form is done alone, sparring requires a partner or an opponent. We use mostly kicking techniques with arm blocking. The use of protective gears is a must in our school.  Everyone must start sparring once they have received their yellow belt.

This is a very intense and physical activity which uses strategies and lots of techniques to perform.  These classes are well supervised and fun for all ages. We follow WT rules for sparring and competition.

Competition Team

This is a very special class designed just for those students who have a desire to compete. We have tryouts every six months and students are encouraged to try out. Not everyone will make it but they can try every six months. We need a big commitment from anyone making the team. We will train hard, more hours are given to this group and when closer to tournaments more days and times will be assigned. A separate package will be offered and must be signed by parents and students under the age of 18. We take our Team very serious and believe that Taekwondo without competition is not complete.

We understand that not everyone can join but once they are in the team, they are part of our special group and will work hard for their goal. Coaching will be provided for not only classes, extra training but also for the times at the competition.
In special cases students can be from other schools that do not have a team and they will sign an agreement with us for Competition Training only. We will need to speak with their Master and have signed document. All belts above white are welcome to try.

Board Breaking

EFT program requires students to attend board breaking classes. In these classes we mainly work with targets and learn different hand and leg techniques for breaking boards. We do not start the breaking of boards from first class but do a lot of target kicking first.

Board breaking is used mostly for demonstrations. It requires focus, power and precision.  Students Green belt and up are required to take this class.



Self defense

Our Self-defense classes are designed to explain how and why we use the techniques in our Forms for defense. They are not made up self-defense techniques but actually how Forms/Poomsae was created and what the patterns really mean.  Once we have explained how and why then we use the technique in a real situation format.

This is not an intense class but an educational.  Learning the meaning of our Forms and it is used for self-defense.  Students Blue belt and up are required to take this class.





Once our students have passed their requirements for Red belt, they are assigned times to work on their teaching skills and leadership in our classes.

This gives them a chance to overcome some of their fears of being in front of others, leading a group or giving instructions.

This class gives our red belts a chance to test what they have learned thus far.


Cardio Kickboxing

This class is for women only and is in the mornings. The instructor is female and the class is designed to use Kickboxing techniques with high energy music to encourage Cardio movements. The goal is to burn calories while doing kicks and punches. Every class is different so expect something new every time.

The membership is separate from regular Taekwondo membership. No prior experience is required. Anyone can try this class. Our female students get a special rate for adding this class to their Taekwondo package.

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