Group Ages


We offer classes for those young athletes who want to get a head start.  Toddler classes are for 3-4 year olds who like to use some of their energy in learning different physical activities as well as learning to follow directions/instructions.

These classes are 30 minutes long and we will do some stretches, fun warm ups and very basic techniques.  Once they are able to follow directions and participate in everything that we have worked on they will move up to our kids class.  They must be 4 years old to move up.  Some may take longer to be ready for our kids class and that is ok because all kids learn at a different level.  We are very patient with our toddler group.



At Elite Fire Taekwondo we offer classes just for kids. The starting age is 4 and can go up to 12. Once the kids are in our program we can move them to our higher age classes. Some preteens are ready to be in our Teen and up classes at an earlier age and some later so we make that decision once we have worked with the student. These classes are an hour long.

All our kids will do their warm up and stretching together and they will divided up into groups for Forms and Sparring. Younger kids enjoy being around a little older kids and they do much better in class so we don’t separate them for everything. Also, older kids are great mentors for the little ones and depending on their personality some enjoy teaching younger ones and we promote such environment. All belts will be allowed in this class. Kids classes can be divided into Sparring, Forms and Techniques.

Teen and Up

This class is designed for teens and adults. The Master will decided how young can the teen in this class be. Sometimes we allow preteens to train with teens and adults if they are mentally and physically ready for it. These classes are an hour long.

Everyone in this class will get the same warm up, stretching and technical training. Some parents can attend this class with their teen. All belts will be allowed in this class. Teen and up classes are divided into Sparring, Forms and Techniques.


Adult and family

This class is for adults, parents with their child. The child in this class needs to be old enough to keep up with the training in this specific class. These classes are an hour long.

All belts are welcome to train and everyone will do the same warm up, stretching and whatever the Master or Instructor has in mind for that evening. These classes are always later on in the day. Sparring steps may be taught in this class but not with full gear and partners, therefore; the students must take other sparring classes to fill their requirement.



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