I have practiced taekwondo for over 12 years in 3 different countries and Elite Fire Taekwondo is the best instruction I have ever received. Master Houman Mirzaei is an exceptional taekwondo player and teacher. If you follow his instruction, you will quickly see improvements in your strength, flexibility and—of course—taekwondo skills.
Everyone at Elite Fire Taekwondo is also very kind and welcoming. If you drop by the school, I promise you will immediately feel like part of the team.
I could not recommend this school any higher.
Rafael Jose

Houman Mirzaei is without doubt the most knowledgeable Taekwondo technician I have ever met. He has an incredible mind and an ability to maximize the skill set of those he works with no matter their ability or experience. I could not recommend him highly enough. Whether you are a serious Taekwondo athlete or simply hoping to learn this fantastic discipline, Elite Fire Taekwondo is unmatched among any schools in the area.
Nick Newman

A great family team of Taekwondoo trainers who are truly passionate for what they teach and faithfully dedicated to their students
In their studio you feel the comfort of your own home- welcoming warmth and tidiness , as well as the spirit of achievement and perseverance.
Thumbs up for The Elite of the triangle Taekwondoo family.
Daniela Ivanova

We feel so lucky and grateful to have discovered Elite Fire Taekwondo! Master Houman and Mrs. Neshat have created a very supportive, friendly, encouraging community atmosphere at their school, with a strong focus on excellence. Master Houman is a wonderful instructor. He is very detail-oriented and technical, has high standards, and motivates his students to do their best. Master Houman and Neshat are great at working with all ages, from kids to teens to adults. My son and I both study with them, and I can’t recommend Elite Fire highly enough!
Katie Miller

I’ve been practicing martial arts for about 10 years and have trained at a number of dojos in the area in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Genbukan Ninpo Bugei. I started learning from Master Mirzaei nearly 3 years ago. Of all my instructors over the years, Master Mirzaei is the most knowledgeable, easy to work with…but also probably the toughest I’ve ever had. He worked with and continues to work with me to develop my technique, flexibility, and fitness. In many ways, from a technical perspective, I had to ‘unlearn what I had learned’ in order to truly progress…and it was very difficult after so many years of mediocre instruction from others. I’m so glad I’ve stuck with him and have followed him around. Since I’ve been training with Master Mirzaei, my techniques are more powerful, natural, and safe. I will keep coming back and I’m very excited about this new location!
Chris Oberle

This is the best place to learn Taekwondo in the Triangle. Instructors are experienced, diligent, and at mastery level.
Scott Miller

My 4.5 year old has been attending classes for a few months now and he absolutely loves it! Elite Fire offers the perfect balance of discipline, technique, patience and fun for a young student! This is a family-owned business that has a passion for the sport and warm heart for their students & student’s families. I couldn’t be more pleased with the program. I’m looking forward to watching my little guy grow in character, strength and technique through the years and build a lasting relationship with his Taekwondo Master. If I could give 10 stars here, I would.
R Marks

Elite fire taekwondo is the best place to practice martial arts in the triangle! My four and six-year-old have been attending for a month now and they love it!!!!! They are actually learning, not just wasting time, and they are getting a good work out. The instructors are professional and work well with children. The facility is new and looks great. The prices are fair and the hours are perfect. 😉
Vasilica Leana