Why choose us? 

When looking for a Taekwondo program first it is very important that one checks the qualifications for the Senior Instructor and other main instructors at the school.  Make sure he or she is a Kukkiwon certified and is at least a 4th degree Black Belt from Kukkiwon.  Along with the certification, where and how that instructor was trained is very important as well, like who was his Grand Master? What country did he train in? Did he also compete in any National or International Competitions? What other certifications does he or she have, like Referee or Coaching certifications and at what level? National or International?  How involved an instructor is with the new rules and regulations is very crucial.  Taekwondo is always changing and evolving, so in order to stay on top of the game one must know all the current changes whether it is in the forms or sparring and also the rules of the game!  How can one go to a  tournament and have a coach who doesn’t know the new rules? Where the Master Instructor gets his or her continuous training can make a huge difference as well.  There are certain countries that have excellent Taekwondo programs and there are reputable schools and Masters in certain places who train great athletes and coaches.  Doing some research in choosing the right school, instructor and program is always a must.  The coach’s accomplishments personally can make a difference in choosing the right program,  whether that person as a coach has been able to get his students to high levels of competitions, Nationally and/or Internationally is where one needs to look at.
Find out what your goal is? Whether you want to do Taekwondo yourself, or your child or both of you together, you must consider all that was mentioned above.  The volume of students in one school or the square footage of the Taekwondo school or the number of shows, the number of buses lined up in the front of a school or the number of birthday parties in a week is not what we at Elite Fire Taekwondo care about.  That is not what we do and what our goal is.  Our focus is to teach the techniques of Taekwondo in both Forms and Sparring where one can actually use or benefit from in their daily life.  We work with each student based on his or her ability.  We do not compare students to each other and we only push based on what and how far each individual can go and what their goal is.  Not everyone wants to be an Olympian and not everyone wants to just learn for self defense!  We all have different goals and that is what we focus on.
Taekwondo is a sport and a way of life.  It can help with the development of your brain muscles and functions as much as it can help with the development of your entire body.  We do not think that this is a sport that needs to be rushed.  We do not say that it will take you two months to get a belt.  It all depends on each student and how hard they try, how many hours they practice and how much effort they put into their training.  We work just as hard to get you close to your goal and if that goal is to go all the way to the Olympics then we will get you there.
We train one hour each class.  On average 30 minutes of the class is spent on stretching and warm ups.  We are not like any other school, we pay a lot of attention to get the body ready for training.  We also do not have many color belts.  We follow the World Taekwondo Federation rules.  Our belt colors are White-Yellow-Green-Blue-Red-Poom/Black.  Once you are ready to train for our Forms Team or Sparring Team, the hours of training will be much different than regular classes.

Para-Taekwondo is another focus of ours. We are the only school in the area that will teach students with physical disabilities the sport of Taekwondo and will coach them in National and International Para-Taekwondo competitions.

We hope that we have been able to explain to you how to choose a Taekwondo school and program that is best for you.  If you have any more questions we always welcome you to come in and talk with us.  Taekwondo is a sport that most people do not have a lot of information about so we encourage you to make an appointment to talk with Master Houman about the sport of Taekwondo and how it all works.
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